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Sesame ginger tofu with kale, brocolli, almonds, and Chinese noodles

Warm fruit sundae

Ok, several people along with my fiance have asked me to blog, so here I am.  About my blog . . . all recipes will be vegan, and no animal products will be used.  This sight is for the more creative cooks, who don't really need to follow an exact recipe.  Many of my recipes come from "what I have in the fridge and pantry", and then I see what I can create.  I believe in what ballet icon George Balancine said, that cooking and food preparation is an art form in itself.  Generally, everything that I prepare I make up as I am creating it, so measurements will be somewhat vague.  The herbs will most likely have the notation "to taste".  Yep, drives Bernadette crazy, but I'll do my best.  I will add "recipes" as I make them, and some older ones that I remember.  I will be adding pictures, and eventually might even get around to making some videos.  As a former dancer who can't really dance any more, I find being creative with food deeply satisfying!  I hope you enjoy my humble, simple food.  BTW, 90 % of the food I use is organic.  Yep, the pictures aren't all "perfect", but they are all what I have plated for a meal.  Hopefully, I'll be getting better.  Also, many recipes are targeted for people who have real jobs in the real world, and not all day to spend preparing a meal.  

Italian "sausage" with noodles

This recipe is so simple, and prepares in under 30 minutes.


Vegan Italian sausage

julienned carrots

1 or 2 cloves garlic finely diced



diced tomato

diced green pepper (small amount so as not to overpower the dish)

whole wheat noodles

olive oil

soy sauce

pepper, oragano, basil (dried or fresh)


Boil water and prepare noodles.  At the same time heat olive oil in a large wok or frying pan and add sliced sausage and garlic. Saute untill brown.  Add broccoli, tomato, carrots, green pepper, soy sauce, pepper, oragano, and basil. Saute until tender.  Add noodles and spinach, and cook until spinach is wilted.   




"Italian sausage", noodles and veggies

Lentils and brown rice

About 1 1/2 cup lentils


vegetable broth

diced onion, celery, tomato

sunflower seeds

brown rice

smoked paprika, salt, pepper, cumin, coriander, 3 or 4 basil leaves

sliced cucumber

thinly sliced carrots

balsamic vinegar

olive oil

Romaine lettuce



Place lentils in a pot and cover with water.  Add salt, cover and soak overnight. 

Place sliced cucumbers  and carrots in a covered bowl.  Add balsamic vinegar, olive oil and basil leaves.  Cover and place in refrigerator overnight.  The next day, drain and rinse lentils.  Add lentils, vegetable broth, diced vegetables, sunflower seeds, smoked paprika, salt, pepper, cumin, coriander to a covered cooking pot and simmer until the lentils are tender.  I usually cook over a low heat for about 4 hours.  This also can be done in a crock pot.  Prepare the brown rice.  Serve the lentils with the brown rice.  Slice Romaine leaves lengthwise.  Remove the basil from the balsamic cucumber carrot mixture.  Place on  top of the Romaine leaves, add sprouts and drizzle with the balsamic olive oil mixture.  





Very simple, high protein meal


1 pound tofu, cut into cubes

half cup walnuts broken into medium pieces

onion . . . I don't know not too much, mainly for flavor . . . diced

1 clove garlic diced

diced celery

large bunch greens . .  spinach, arugula, or bok choy, or whatever you have that day

buckwheat soba noodles or whole wheat angel hair

sesame oil

sesame seeds

soy sauce (low sodium if you have it)






balsamic vinegar

whole wheat flour or cornstarch


Cook noodles.  Drain and drizzle with sesame oil and toss with sesame seeds.

In a large wok, cook celery, garlic and onions until tender.  Add walnuts, soy sauce, vinegar, and herbs and pepper. Lower heat and simmer melting all flavors together.  In separate sauce pan heat oil to very hot.  Coat tofu in flour or cornstarch and sear on both sides until a deep brown.  

Add noodles and greens to the wok mix and cook until the greens are thoroughly wilted. 

When tofu is done, pat off excess oil with a towel . . . yep, a towel, don't waste resources with a paper towel.

Arrange on plate with noodles in the center and the tofu surrounding it in a circle.  Add a dipping sauce if desired.  

Tofu scramble with tempe bacon


one pound tofu

onions or scallions

any diced veggies you wish such as

celery, green pepper, diced tomato

almond or cashew milk ( I find that cashew milk yeilds a richer flavor)

tempe "bacon"

Whole wheat bread

vegan "butter" 

olive oil





corn starch or flour



Saute diced veggies, basil, oregano, salt and pepper until tender in olive oil.  Drain tofu and remove as much moisture as possible, to keep the scramble from being runny. In a mixing bowl dice tofu, and then mash with a fork.  Don't mash too much, leave chunks to emulate scrambled eggs. This took me a couple of times to get the right consistancy.  Add almond or cashew milk.  Do so sparingly, as the mixture can easily get too runny quickly .  Add tumeric (for color) and corn starch or flour to thicken and hold mixture together. Add to the veggies and cook on a medium heat until the consistancy of scrambled eggs (whatever that means).  Don't cook on too high heat or too long, or it will turn out runny.  Either broil or pan fry the tempe bacon.  Spread vegan butter on slices of whole wheat bread and broil until golden brown.  Serve scramble with toast, "bacon", and sliced tomato.


Tofu scramble with tempe bacon on toast

Portabella "Steak" with Spagetti Squash

2 or 3 large portabella mushrooms

4 red potatos

1 red pepper

1 spagetti squash



sesame oil

sesame seeds

hoisen sauce





balsamic vinegar

non dairy "butter"


Heat oven to 350

Cut squash in half and place halves on baking sheet upside down

Cook until tender and squash can be scooped out with a fork looking like spagetti (usually around 30 to 45 minutes depending on your oven)  

Note . . . don't overcook, or squash will turn to mush

Thin slice potatos and cut each slice in half

Julienne the pepper

Note . . . Try to keep the potato and pepper slices a uniform size to ensure even cooking

Place peppers and potatos on lightly oiled baking sheet and roast until tender, turning once.  I did this at 350 degrees for about 10 minutes

Heat sesame oil in a large wok for frying pan

Wash portabellas and remove stems

Sear portabellas on both sides

Add hoisen sauce, cumin, pepper, and ginger.

Saute until tender

Add potatoes and peppers, lower heat and cook for a short time to infuse flavors into potatos and peppers

When squash is cooked, plate and top with non dairy "butter" and sprinkle with sesame seeds and a pinch of salt and pepper

Garnish plate with sliced tomato and cucumber

Splash with small amount of balsamic vinegar and soy sauce 

Plate mushroom and roasted potatos and peppers









Portabella "steak" with roasted pototos, peppers and spagetti squash

Adzuki Bean, Walnut, and Sunflower Seed Burger

1 cup adzuki beans cooked

1/4 cup each walnuts and sunflower seeds

carrot, celery, onion very finely chopped or processed (approx 1/4 cup total)

chick pea flour


Romaine lettuce



whole wheat buns



dried basil

(optional) chile powder, coriander, cashew milk


Place beans, walnuts, and seeds in food processor and mix until smooth

Place this mixture in a large bowl

Add chopped carrot, onion, celery, salt, basil, pepper, chile powder,

coriander and mix well

Add flour and water or cashew milk until the mixture has a consistency

that enables the forming of patties.  It should be slightly sticky so that

it will hold together when cooked

Form patties, and dust with flour

Either broil or pan fry until golden brown

Broil buns until lightly toasted

Serve burgers on buns with veganaise, lettuce, sprouts and tomato




sunflower seed, walnut, adzuki bean burger

Warm Fruit Sundae

1 large banana sliced

1/4 cup pineapple chunks

1/4 cup pineapple juice

1/4 tsp cinamon

1/4 tsp nutmeg

2 to 3 tbls agave syrup (depending on how sweet you like it)

1 1/2 tbls cornstarch

1 tsp vanilla

1 tsp maple syrup

shredded coconut

Non dairy butter . . . about 2 tbls

finely chopped almonds or peanuts

sorbet, rice dream, or the frozen product of your preference  (this works really well with vanilla rice dream or a rasberry sorbet)


Heat "butter" in a saucepan

Add 1/2 of the sliced bananas and saute until seared on both sides.  The butter needs to be hot enough for a quick golden brown sear, but not so hot as to burn.  If the butter is not hot enough, it will result in mushy bananas.

When bananas are done, place on a towel to remove any excess grease

Keep the heated butter in the sauce pan and add 1 more tbls

Add pineapple, juice, agave and maple syrup, vanilla, cinamon, and nutmeg

Simmer over medium heat until lightly bubbling

Add cornstarch mixed with a little cold water, lower heat, and stir

When the mixture thickens to a glaze, it is ready

Place a scoop of rice dream (or whatever) in the center of a bowel

Place the uncooked banana slices in a circle around the scoop

Place the cooked bananas on the rice dream forming an outer layer

Spoon the pineapple glaze around the rice dream on top of the raw bananas

Top with chopped almonds and shredded coconut


Warm Fruit Sundae

Chick pea crusted tofu cubes, dipping sauce, red cabbage slaw

Sesame ginger tofu with almonds, brocolli, kale, red peppers, and Chinese noodles

3 bean and veggie stew with vegan cheese and mung bean sprouts

Tofu scramble, "sausage" and broccoli stir fry, chick pea pancake, red, white cabbage, carrot slaw

Hummus wrap with mixed salad

Tofu and wild rice stir fry

Vegan Pumpkin pie

Simple Salad 1

Vegan Thanksgiving "Roast"

"Chicken", veggies, and brown rice


Seitan, Bok Choy, Wild Rice

raisen walnut cole slaw

"Chicken" and soba asparagus and sauted veggies cole slaw

Spicy bean and veggie wraps

simple salad 3

sunflower seed, walnut, adzuki bean burger

Tofugetti and salad

Simple salad 4